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RALLY ONLINE SHOPPERS Unite our common goals to make the world a better place through community development and direct positive social impact for the common good.

Applewicks creates meaningful work and opportunities for adults with special needs in Wolfville, Nova Scotia


This free service for the sale of products in our efficient bulk listing. A small selling fee is added to the sale price.

School Street Studio Glass created personalized ornaments as a Hantsport School Fundraiser.


Business donations as a “good cause” fundraising campaign, the Economist states that *co-branding will become common phenomenon, driven by mutual gain.

Sunflower Maze & Bouquets in Mount Denson, Fundraising for the Annapolis Valley Regional Hospital.


Promote fundraisers, events, crowd sourcing, ticket sales, draws on our site, and prize winners announcements.


Members maintain full control of their message, updates, & availability of your products or service.

Goodgoods is designed to serve the not for profit and charitable organizations & social entrepreneur businesses.

Rental space of the historic Churchill House in Hantsport at the Hantsport Memorial Community Centre.

“A major barrier, particularly for smaller businesses, was the hefty investment needed to build and maintain a website. Establishing an online shopping portal — including infrastructure to accept payments and security measures to protect customers’ personal and financial information — is more difficult for a small operation to handle.”

Corinne Pohlmann, Senior Vice-President of national affairs of the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (Financial Post, June 11, 2014)

Mr. B’s Tees tie dye t-shirts is a CAPRE supported enterprise.


* Levels out the playing field by pooling your stories under a convenient sales outlet for ethical shoppers to support good causes.

* Increase your sales by using our secure & accessible online framework.

* Financially risk free for public outreach and affordable self managed promotions.

* Engage conscientious corporate donors with sponsorship co-branding

The Hantsport Memorial Community Centre crayon campaign volunteers help fundraise for the children’s play park.


The backbone to any charitable organization, use goodgoods to: thank volunteers; announce the success of a campaign; and to recruit to join your group or help out in a specific event.

Light 4 Learning cards funds to purchase solar light power for schools in rural Uganda, East Africa.

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